A week of quiet and anticipated productivity

My family is gone this week.  The kids have been with one set of grandparents in MN since Thursday, and my husband set off yesterday to retrieve them and travel to see the other set of grandparents in SD.  They’re gone for a week.  So it’s Riley (our 7 year old Boxer) and I. The only reason I’m not with them is that I’ve been working to start a private practice and photography business.  There’s a meeting I really should attend on Thursday with a company that has accepted me as a provider of mental health services to its clients.  I also have some volunteering/mentoring responsibilities that I really need to be present for.  Part of me thinks the decision for me to stay home was dumb, but another part says I really can’t be absent for any period of time should I miss some sort of connecting.  Fortunately, my parents have offered to fly me home for the last weekend of my family’s vacation.  So I’ll join them on Friday in MN, and therefore be able to drive home with them the following Monday.

It’s quiet…Riley and I took a trip up the peninsula today.  I captured some beautiful photographs and walked along some of the most awesome terrain anywhere.  I am so blessed to live in Northern Michigan. The cherries are oh so close to being picked!  One of my favorite times of the year!  The kids and I usually come home with about 50 quarts in about a week and a half span.  Much of them are eaten fresh, the pleasure of the sweetness totally worth the gut-ache that always follows.  The rest are canned, frozen, and made into jam.  It was a nice drive, but totally not even close to the pleasure of being with my family.  I miss them!

My plans for the week: network some more, continue to spread the word of my private practice and the mission and vision at PEACE Ranch.  I want to complete the two grants that have been on my computer for over a month.  I want to enjoy some time with friends.  To have a rocking first two photo shoots ever.  Clean the kids’ rooms.  Take a carload of stuff to Goodwill.  Take some pictures.  Spend one day hanging laundry on the line.  And to sleep well.

I look forward to Friday, but aim to make the best use I can out of this week I have alone.  Here’s some of my photos from my trip with Riley today…


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