The Stone Church

Be still…be present…be faithful.  When I think of those words, my heart travels to Klein Ranch, the place Justin and I fell in love and where he asked me to be his wife, the place that helped solidify my faith and vision for my future.  It was a place where I felt close to God every, single, day.

One of the places we took the kids during the week was The Stone Church.  It was a highlight for many, taking place near the end of the week.  We had to take a bus to get there, through the hills of Isabel, SD, opening and shutting gates, stopping if the cows got in the way, and listening to the kids sing camp songs the whole way out.  The way back was usually quiet, everyone filled with peace, bits of discernment beginning to make sense.  Once we got close, we had to leave the bus because the final hill down was too steep and too washed out to drive down, not to mention back up.  Oh, I forgot the mention this trip took place near the end of the day, when the hot South Dakota sun was on it’s way down, because the valley this little church was nestled in was filled with rattlesnakes.  During the hot of the day, the snakes enjoy sunbathing, so our trip to the church would very likely be too eventful for our liking!  And then because we went in the evening, with the sun down, we had to light the little church with candles, because there was no electricity.

The church is constructed out of native sandstone, which was taken from the hills on its perimeter.  I believe it has since been nominated for the National Registry of Historic Places.  So perhaps some of these little pieces, no electricity, washed out drives, etc. have been taken care of.  Although, this all aids to what makes this place so special.

So it’s back here I go, to the simplicity, and beauty.  Back to the awesomeness of gathering in a place so rich with history, in front of the cross.  When there, nothing else mattered.  It was simple to just be…still…present…faithful.  Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in worry.  When not directed and appropriately managed, it can easily spread like the most invasive ground cover.  And nothing productive can come from that.  Our brains aren’t optimally functioning, our spirits are heavy and clouded, and our eyes are covered.  In this time, I’ve learned to do everything possible to surround yourself with value, with something that lasts, with people that care, and a faith that comforts and directs.  I suppose I’m human, susceptible to fear, to distractions, and the voices in my head.  I’m thankful I’ve never stayed there.

Working to live in value and faith, breathing the breath of life, and feeling at peace,



One Comment on “The Stone Church”

  1. Allison says:

    Well said Anna… I too recall the peace that was felt everytime we made that trip – and no matter how many times we went – each time was just as important and special as the last. It never got old. Reading through and hearing about all that you are doing in your life right now is inspiring. It makes me feel compelled that I too should not be just content with what is….I think that you are awesome and it sounds like the direction you are going right now is full of excitement and change. I wish you the best…and I miss you.

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