Just plant your darn seeds!!

In one of my slumps, a wise friend shared with me the wisdom in Ecclesiastes 11.  Basically, the take home for me was go and plant your darn seeds for crying out loud!  Too, too often, we, or at least I, don’t go forth for fear of what will be.  But who am I to say this path, or this calling, won’t lead to an amazing bounty of goodness?!  Really?  When we feel called to do something, it’s stinking real!!  Or at least I think it’s real if after months I still feel it, still feel passionate about it, feel at peace…and doors open.  Is the fear of the unknown really that great?  So great it can overpower and restrict everything I do?  My personality is such that, if someone tells me to be quiet about something, or that I cannot do something I believe I can, I WILL vocalize my opinion!  Respectfully of course, but I will do it.  So, one would think that MY fear is really not that big of a deal…that MY personality can fight it and win.  Argh.  I wish it were that easy.

But at the end of the day, it comes down to this: I’m not God, therefore I don’t know which way the wind will blow, where the sun will shine, nor which crops will flourish.  I only know that my job is to plant the seeds.  God will provide.  I need to plant…the…seeds.  God.  WILL.  Provide.  So when faced with my enemies, I will remain peaceful, secure, grounded in my identity.  When faced with obstacles, I will push forth, picking up an extra tool here or there if need be.  When faced with self-doubt, I will remind myself of these thoughts…I can do this…God is good…and He has blessed me with gifts that I have no choice but to utilize.  Yes, that’s allJ


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