Gift of children

Watching kids…the range of parenting…imagining the stories that adults own…guessing the stories our little people will grow to own.  What do you think is important in your life?  As a grown up, how do you like your co-workers to treat you?  Your neighbors? Your mate?  Your family?  Do you like to be able to fee free to express yourself, as you wish, as long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of others?  As long as you’re being respectful?  I do.

Choose your battles.  Be graceful.  Flexible.  Funny.  Forgiving.  Safe.  Play with your kids.  When they climb all over you, demanding your attention, they most likely need you.  Don’t worry about what others may think, how they may criticize.  Pay attention to your gut.  Love your kids.  Love your partner, and make sure your kids know you love them.  Treat others with respect, your kids are watching you.  When all else fails, ask yourself, do I like to be treated or talked to the way I’m talking to my child? We can still provide structure, maintain boundaries and teach our kids responsibility while being kind, fair, and even-keeled.  Be patient.  Sometimes it feels they are speaking a different language, and maybe in a way they are.  Their brains are not as developed as ours, and we must be patient and understanding.  Speak to them on their level, meet your eyes to theirs, on their level.  Kids.  Are a priceless gift in this world, priceless.  Honor, respect, teach, guide, love, protect…


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