I’ve been thinking a lot about seeds lately.  I’m a horrible gardener, but would love to learn!  I think the major problem is our soil, and lack of sun.  Those are kind of important aren’t they?  Perhaps the rich, abundant garden will have to wait until our next home.  Until then, seeds.  Imagine the journey a seed takes…it starts as just a, well, a seed.  A very small, sometimes almost so small it’s hard to pick up just one, hard shelled…thing.  My novice gardener brain isn’t able to ascertain what one particular seed will grow in to, I suppose some people can.  It’s hard to tell.  But in order for it to transform into what it will eventually become, it must go through a process.  A process that is sometimes harsh, sometimes uncertain, and often times one that requires a great deal of care and attention.

First, into the ground.  It must be placed in the right soil, the right depth, the right sunlight…must be supplied with sufficient nutrients, just the right amount of water, and patience.  Buried in the ground, sometimes cold ground, it must be very dark, lonely, quiet.  Feeling the water moistening the soil around the seed, it must hurt a bit to expand to the point of breaking.  The being inside the shell is getting too big for the shell, it’s outgrowing it…time for something new, something unknown.  It doesn’t know what it will find once it sees the light, what climate, what wind, or rain.  It doesn’t know if it will continue to receive water, if it will have room to grow.  It doesn’t know if it will yield what it is supposed to.  It just grows.  Breaking out of the shell, pushing it’s way through the soil, somehow knowing which way is up.

One of the most exciting times in the spring is watching my plants break the soil…the tulips!  The grasses!  It’s so much fun.  My attempts at a garden, I almost always see the seedlings rise from my garden bed, it’s after that happens that I find myself faltering.  So they’ve made it, so far.  Growing, shedding the shell at some point, surviving the bunnies, or deer, or eager children picking their fruit too soon.  What is developing, and what continues to develop is amazing!  A tiny little seed can give you 13 cucumbers!  Or 9 giant tomatoes!  Or rows and rows of lettuce!  When it finally makes it, it must be a fulfilling experience.  To have survived the elements, to feel the success, to have provided food for a family, or beauty for all to see.



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