Letting go

I let go of Logan today.  Just for a moment.

He’s been begging us to let him venture off alone when we go skiing.  But I’ve denied him the opportunity.  He’s only seven.  I’ve held him close.  What if he gets hurt?  What if he needs us?  What if…?  Today he asked…and I budged a bit…”sure Logan.”  He hit the slopes as Justin came in from parking the car.  He had yet to get ready, Logan could therefore only be about 10 minutes ahead of us.  Stay on the same lift.  Look for us.  Okay.  I set my worries aside, and focused instead on nailing this one little baby step.

When Payton, Justin and I exited the building, Logan was nowhere to be seen.  As we neared the lift, I caught sight of him coming down the hill.  We connected, just briefly at the bottom.  I asked if he wanted to join us, and off he went.  Unbuckled his board practically while standing, and scooted into line before we could utter “wait!”  Up he went, and Payton, Justin and I just followed.  As we were climbing the mountain, we saw Logan, nailing the black diamond just to our left.  Confident, controlled, smooth.  Again unbuckling while standing, and right onto the lift again.

So proud…was Logan, and me.  I could just feel the boost he felt as he had complete freedom (well, almost), trusted to be alone (for just a bit).  It was cool, really was.  He turns eight years old on Tuesday.  This experience of letting go marks the beginning of many more.  This gift for Logan of being responsible with his freedom will strengthen in the upcoming years.  He’s a good kid.

Living in the moment, Payton and I ventured off on our own while Justin hooked up with Logan.  We managed to have a joyous hour to ourselves, laughing from our bellies, talking on the lift, mastering short cuts through the woods and little jumps.  She’ll remember that.  Experiences, moments…the best gifts in the world.


2 Comments on “Letting go”

  1. ~moe~ says:

    Good job, Mom. It’s tough to let go, but you know you’re raising an incredible young man and he’s always in God’s hands. 🙂

  2. christina says:

    this gave me full body goosebumps and a few tears. i have a 14 year old and it seems always, a series of bigger and bigger steps, letting go, giving him opportunities to build strength & character on his own, with what we’ve given him… It’s easier when I remember that Im not in charge, but I know Who is…hold on mama.

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