Last week,  I was on hold for an hour and a half to US Airlines.  When I FINALLY connected with a real person, I struggled to understand her…asked her to repeat herself, and was hung up on.  Perhaps a dropped call, but my mind said “hung up on.”  What do you do?  The person I was talking to was thousands of miles away, and I would never get the same person again.  Powerless.  You pick up and move on.  So at 12:30 am, I called AGAIN.  This time, the wait was only fifty minutes.

So today, and last week, several months ago, and last year…same thing, same feelings.  It helps to know I did it on the phone, I can do it again.  To smile in the face of adversity…to allow yourself to think outside the box…to be so strong that NOTHING can penetrate you and change your optimism…to be so true to who you are that no apologies are ever needed…to be so at peace that nothing can disturb you…that’s what I want.

I will seek it daily.  Even better, I will seek it each moment.  To let my own happiness, and my own personal vision, to be disrupted by something…someone…outside of myself, is something I’m not willing to stand back and watch…to allow.  Remember that, I WILL find my way out.  AND…I am indeed thankful for the journey, for without it, I would not be the person I am today.


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