My partner

My husband’s in Guatemala this week.  I’m flying solo.  The kids and I actually do pretty well alone.  The house doesn’t get vacuumed as often, laundry gets washed, folded, but not put away…but the kids are loved, clothed and fed, so all is well.  I don’t know what I would do though without my partner.  By the time he’s due home, we’re all ready.

The dance of marriage has caught my eye lately, in a slightly different way than it usually does.  The family that initially caught it, 4 young kids, and mom and dad.  When I see their family function together, it is a beautiful thing.  The two of them almost dance as they share the load…without words, they know what the other needs before they even ask for it.  They share the work.  And through all of that, they still manage to look at one another like they like each other.  They respect one another, that’s evident.

I think that is absolutely beautiful.  That is the way that families can operate, the way couples can work together.  I think of the beauty of a team of horses, pulling a load.  Have you ever watched the communication between human and animal?  Have you noticed ALL the different tools atop the horses?  I’ve seen those tools hanging up, and it looks like a big mess to me!  Each piece serves a specific purpose.  The horses stand sided by side, and equally share the load.  If one decided he would rather eat from the lush grass they just passed by, they would never reach their destination.  The only way that is possible is if they each pull.  They each are attentive, to one another, and to their human.  Listening to the subtle words, vocalizations, movements on their bridles…all of it, communication.  Teamwork.  Beautiful.  One horse MAY be able to pull some of the load…but certainly not for long.

Like a working horse, we need partners, to share our load, to work with us not against us.  And to keep us company along the way.  The kids are sleeping and it’s quiet.  I miss Justin.  I miss his presence in our home…peaceful, stable, attentive and faithful.  Time away really makes you appreciate all the other person does.  I’m thankful for a partner to share my load and to dance in life with me.  And I’m thankful for all of you who inspire others to respect one another, to be authentic, and to place your partner first.


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