Bit by bit

So I’m working on a little project at home.  It’s taken up my evenings this week, and I am forever grateful to my dear husband for being so patient with my mess, and absence (it’s helped that he’s sick and in bed each night by 9—I don’t feel so guilty for neglecting him).  I probably would be done by now if it weren’t for a few mistakes…argh.

So I found a crazy amount of flannel fabric at a garage sale last summer.  I have no idea what these two items were, very odd shapes, but in very good condition.  So of course, I bought it for $1.  Since then, though, it’s been just taking up space in my closet, just waiting for a purpose.  A comforter we got for a wedding present has also been taking up space in my closet.  It’s ugly, faded, an eye sore.  You know it—I’m working on a duvet cover!!  So I ripped apart the fabric, folded them so it would have straight sides, and ended up with three panels, each panel about as big as a twin bed.  And a bunch of crazy shaped scraps.  So I laid it all out, to discover I was short just one panel.  I need four of them to cover the queen size comforter.  So, I sewed all the scraps, but by bit…not quite sure how it would look…but with each addition, it began to take more of a form.  It was like putting together a puzzle.  And I ended up just a bit shy of that remaining panel.  No I didn’t quit yet…thinking what do I have what do I have…a pair of flannel pj’s, handed down to me by my sis, a little too short on my legs for my comfort.  SO, I ripped THOSE apart, and came up with the perfect amount of fabric to finish the panel!!  They aren’t exactly matching colors, but it worksJ  They feel the same  Twice though, in sewing together those scraps, I sewed them on backwards.  One evening spent ripping it apart.  I thought I conquered a major milestone last night, by sewing the fourth and final panel onto the others.  I laid it out on the floor, and … crap.  Backwards.  So unless I want the cover to look like part of it is inside out, I must spent at least, one more evening ripping it apart. 

So…I have to admit that part of me thought, what the heck…just put it together, who cares.  But I want it to look halfway decent, I know I would be disappointed.  I’ll spend more time now, so I will more pleased later.  Such is life…

The best things come to those who wait.  You don’t need a pattern for everything.  Sometimes it’s fun to be just plain old creative.  You don’t have to know how to sew to sew.  You can learn anything by trial and error.  It’s easier to ask for help, but there comes a time when you must just do it on your own.  It’s always better to put more work in on the front end, so you can enjoy it more down the road.  It’s fun to be thrifty, to make do, to use what you have rather than always seeking something new or better.


One Comment on “Bit by bit”

  1. Becky Mac says:

    I love it when you can “use something up” to make itinto something else! The last few years I’ve saved all the Christmas wrap and this year I have finally had bits of time to cut the paper into pieces and make matching games and go fish games for the little ones in my life! Quite gratifying!
    I love your style! Peace.

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