Seasons of life

Finally, snow!! We woke up this morning to a beautiful blanket of powdery, white snow.  I love it.  I canNOT imagine Christmas without snow, so we can now officially get into the mood:)  My  kids love it, and I love watching their excitement.  AND…our family can finally ski!  Our weekends are spent at our nearby ski resort (Go Crystal Mountain!)…lunches and suppers, snacks and gear will be packed and unpacked, packed and…and I’ll pray no one gets seriously injured!  Last year Payton took a spill early in the season, landed on her face, and suffered a bloody nose.  It looks scarier than it is in the snow…blood everywhere.  And typical Payton, she cried a moment, got right back up and off she went!  She also had a couple other whopper falls…it’s kind of frightening to watch your little one somersault down the ski hill!  Logan fell snowboarding and bashed the back of his head on the ground…thank God for helmets!  And healthy, strong bodies.  Payton tackled a black diamond, and Logan fell in love boarding over the rails and hitting the highest jumps.  I can’t wait to see how they progress (and leave Justin and I in the dust) this year.  I’m so thankful our family shares a love for such an athletic and exciting activity, it’s the best:)  I love living in Northern Michigan…I love seasons…once you get enough of one, you know there’s something exciting waiting for you to enjoy around the next corner.  Perspective is everything.  There was a time that I dreaded winter.  I dreaded it when I didn’t have the right winter wear, and I wasn’t involved a winter activity.  Perspective.  If you hate it, it will be miserable.  If you look for the positive, you might find something you actually enjoy.

Our lives can be looked at as seasons too.  I can sure see it in mine can right now.  We change seasons too…although not necessarily every few months.  Seasons of schooling or other training for your career…learning the ropes of marriage…becoming a parent…practicing being a “real adult!”…and finding your niche…Sometimes we cycle through them more than once, just as summer comes, goes, and comes back again.  Each new cycle challenges us to do something more, different…it pushes us to grow.  I am choosing, right now, to look at the seasons you hear people typically grumble about, and I am GOING to see the positive.  I am GOING to see the growth that happened in that season, or IS happening…  I am GOING to find myself, at some time, at the end of this season, and knocking on the door of the next.  Because that’s just how it works.  And for that I am thankful.  Isn’t it wonderful that we are so blessed with ability?  That no matter what, I have the power to change, to do what makes me come alive?  And isn’t it wonderful that in the toughest of times, simply finding the joy or visiting your core value again, that you can again find peace?  Be patient…the season will turn…and in the meantime, embrace it for what it is.  The snow is great fun when you can learn to play in it:)


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