Close your eyes to find the way??

My email signature reads, “To find the way, close your eyes, listen closely, and attend with your heart.” Every once in awhile, I like to peruse the internet for unique and uplifting quotes that speak to where I am at in life. This was found during one of those adventures.

“…close your eyes…”  — this requires trust…that no one will hurt me, laugh at me, that I will not run into anything dangerous…and courage that I will be okay with “just me.” 

“…listen closely…”  –this requires an ability to shut off the noises in my mind, the worries of what will be, racing thoughts of my neverending “to do list,” and an ability to breath calmly and relax my entire body.

“…and attend with your heart…”  –this requires an ability to discern the difference between my wants and desires, and God’s plan for me.  This requires a trust in Him, and relationships in your life to help you sort it all out.

 I found myself reflecting more on those words just recently even though I found it long ago. When I follow my eyes, I fall prey to the miniscule, and meaningless values of our society. I feel that I worry more, second guess myself, judge unfairly, close doors prematurely before checking out the contents of the room, and want more. With my eyes shut, I have to rely on something totally different. My heart. My faith. My calling. As I shut my eyes, almost instinctively I take in a deep breath, full and slow. I feel the energy rush throughout my body, and my attention turn toward my heart. I feel God talking to me there. I feel it in the peace, the energy. I don’t worry when I live in that spot. I think it’s possible to then open your eyes, and maintain the solitude, the vision.

I’m looking for that door right now. I’m working daily on living in the moment, enjoying each blessed day, resisting the urge to fast forward to the next chapter thus missing the main idea of the chapter I’m currently in. When I slow down, breathe deep, and listen to God with my heart, I feel His direction. I know where to go. “To find the way, close your eyes, listen closely, and attend with your heart.”


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