Never cry over a shattered, empty milk bottle

I spent my Saturday morning running errands with my little ones.  How many stops can I cram in before they reach their peak?  That always seems to be the question:)  Our second stop was to our local co-op for some milk.  Sometimes I feel like when I take my kids into any store, they act like they’ve never been in public before, touching things, asking for things, climbing the shelves (just kidding, but I wouldn’t be surprised sometimes!)…I can get frustrated, but then remind myself it always feels more intense as the mom, than it actually really is.  I know they’re just fine, they’re kids…not animals Anna, kids:)  Anyway, I like to empower them as much as I can, give them opportunities to be helpful, so I gave Logan one of the glass milk bottles we were returning, Payton…I chose to hold the other:)  We were in front of the yogurt, I was about ready to pour some flax seeds when…SHATTER…silence.

Glass everywhere.  Our half gallon bottle in pieces all over the aisle, and Logan’s face ready to burst into tears.  You know in kids, when you see them almost pause as they determine how to react, waiting for how the adults respond?  Logan could have gone either way.  I think the first words out of my mouth were something like, “oh buddy…” And inside I thought, “I was afraid of that!”  Ahhh, such is life.   I looked around, eyes searching for an employee to help.  And then, within the minute, two people were there sweeping it up.  And another was there talking to the kids and I, telling us how often this happens, and sometimes it has happened with milk in it!  Logan’s face softened, no tears, no shame.  I was impressed, with how swift they responded, how quickly it looked like nothing had happened because it was all cleaned up, how gentle were their words, how graceful the whole situation went.  And Logan’s self-esteem remained intact.  If it had gone the other way, his mistake being met with scolding and shame, punishment perhaps, the disintegrating of his little ego would have been loud enough to almost hear.  I’m sad that many of those little, innocent accidents are met with words, non-verbal messages, or actions like that.

Kudos to Oryana, for their grace, and gentleness.  To the three employees who helped Logan feel this was no big deal.  To top off my experience, Payton was kept occupied by munching on her free piece of fruit.  Seriously, kids can choose one piece of free fruit while shopping, if they are hungry!  How cool is that?!  And, they insisted I still get my $2.00 deposit on the shattered bottle!  Hats off to my little local co-op!


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