Patience and perspective

I love Tuesday mornings right now…en route to one of my clients, I get to drive by Torch Lake…THE MOST beautiful lake EVER!  I remember first moving here, taking pictures of our kids swimming in the middle of the lake, later looking at them, and thinking I could be looking at a swimming pool…it was that blue.  Gorgeous.

And right now, the colors…vibrant oranges, yellows, reds…awnings of trees over the road, gorgeous leaves bedding the ground…And I’m being paid to enjoy the scenery–love it!  Well today, I didn’t love some of it…for the first leg of my ride it was so foggy, I couldn’t see the lake.  The gray sky above me traveled over the lake, making it impossible to see where the sky ended and the lake began.  I could tell the lake was there because of the clearing beyond the houses…but it looked just like the sky above me, behind me, on either side of me, and ahead of me.  Bummer.  Take the sunglasses off and just imagine the beauty underneath…

But then almost immediately, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.  I passed the fog, and the sun shone with all its strength on the lake, and the trees, and the leaves…The blue of Torch Lake was once again present…the familiar awe was back.  Immediately, I thought that troubles indeed are not made to last…that the gray in our life doesn’t stay forever…that there is always hope for something new, something better.  It always changes.  Then I thought, I don’t want to fast forward the gray in my life…I know something better is around the corner, but in fast forwarding this “now,” I will miss the moment.  The now.  So while waiting for the color to change in my life, perhaps I can see the beauty in the gray.  I kind of liked the mystery of the sky…knowing in my mind that Torch was to my left, but not being able to see it…I kind of liked the eery dark, just for the moment…

Know that the grays in life change color, they return to their vibrance.  Also know the ability of the human mind to look at things differently.  Perhaps I really can find the glory in my slump, the hope…

Life is indeed good.  And man, I love Northern Michigan.


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