The influence of our surroundings…

I’ve heard people say, and I think I have said to others as well, that we adapt to our surroundings…that people can start to exemplify characteristics of those they are in frequent contact with. I’ve caught myself saying words or phrases that my friends use…without that influence, I likely would not be saying what I say. Emotions…I can see my family respond to days when I’m crabby…Justin holds pretty steadfast, but I can see it wear on him…my kids aren’t as adept at fending me off, and I can sometimes see my mood transforming theirs. And vice versa.
This is important to think about in families. In friendships. And also in the workplace. If you’re ever in a circle of people that are either aggressive, passively or overtly, or completely distant, it WILL affect you. It’s up to us to recognize the rotten cycle and step back from it. If I’m unable to pluck myself from its grips and stay in the system, I may need to remove myself. Easy if this is at work, harder if it’s within a family.
In moments where you feel like there’s nothing you can do, remind yourself you always have you…and that never changes. Breathe deep and enjoy the goodness of life, even if those around you are unable to do so (I don’t think it’s unwilling, but truly unable…crippled…hurt…traumatized…or we’d all be happy go lucky). Today I am so thankful for my family and friends, and the warm sun shining through my window.


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