Power of Love.

Every week I am blessed, yes BLESSED, to be amongst a group of individuals incarcerated in our local jail.  My job is to “teach them some life skills…so they quit coming back.”  Life skills.  Yesterday a gentleman triggered me by saying he thinks “some women get off on being [mean and rude] to men.”  We were talking about relationships.  He, and others chimed in, thinks people are hurtful in relationships on purpose.  And that that is the way most, if not all, relationships function.  I went after that comment, I don’t think people hurt their partners because they think it’s fun.  I think they are ill-equipped to handle their own crap.  I think they have no idea what to do, but they do know that if they hurt the other person, it stings a bit less…only for a moment!…for them.  What really made me sad was that I asked everyone to think of “the healthiest” (whatever that means) individual they know…someone who “is not perfect, but is good with who they are,” someone with successful relationships, healthy families, satisfying careers, someone who has the respect of others, etc.  There was one young woman who said she has no one like that in her life.  She couldn’t think of anyone!  That blows my mind.  It makes so much sense to me why some people are stuck “on the wrong path.”  And it infuriates me when I hear people in power positions humiliate and put down those with “no power.”  And that happens ALL the TIME!  Awful.  What she needs is a bit of love, a bit of modeling, or mentoring…some hope that life doesn’t have to be so painful, hope only obtained by her observation that something like this EXISTS.  What would happen if we ALL were a bit less egocentric, a bit less judgmental, a just a bit more compassionate?  Maybe the web of love, of healthy relationships could spread even further.  Maybe it could reach those in the trenches, those that society likes so much to just plain old ignore.

The folks in jail are GOOD folks, just stuck…hurt…lost.  We need to care more about others and spread the love…


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