Just acknowledge each other for crying out loud.

“I think you may be able to pursue your dream.”  “I don’t think I love you anymore, but I don’t know.”  “I can’t talk to you now, don’t know when I’ll be ready.”  Jeepers flippin creepers.  I hate limbo.  I can empathize with all the people out there, and I know this happens all the time, that are put in limbo, that reach out to another and are left in wait.  It also makes me think how important it is to acknowledge people.

I passed two homeless gentlemen on my walk back to my office today.  The first one I passed stated “good morning ma’am.”  I replied.  He’s got it, he notices people…someone who likely goes unnoticed every day.  How many times do we pass people on the sidewalk and work to avoid the gaze, constantly wondering, do I say hi, I don’t know them, they don’t look friendly enough, they wouldn’t hear me, what difference would it make anyway…they’re gone.  We need to be acknowledged, to feel that we are important in the world.  That’s pretty broad, but on a small scale, how about we start in our everyday relationships.  Our families, our marriages, our work relationships.  Acknowledge people, you never know the impact it may have on them.  It most certainly will help them feel validated.

I hate the space “in between,” where you are waiting for something, then you’re hypothesizing why you have not heard, then your mind plays nasty games on you and you end up thinking the worst.  That’s totally in my control I know, I’ve grown through that one.  But it’s still just plain old annoying, you know?  So next time  you need to take a time out from a heated argument, let the other person know when you’ll return.  Next time you get 210 missed calls from someone, pick up your phone, apologize for the delay in getting back to them, and just see what’s going on for crying out loud.  Next time you get the feeling there’s a white elephant in the room, talk about it.  It usually goes away.  Life will go on, and it usually gets better.  Thank you mom and dad for teaching me to “be me.”  For helping me start life confidently, for showing me what healthy relationships look like, for being real.


One Comment on “Just acknowledge each other for crying out loud.”

  1. Allison says:

    Anna –
    Your writings speak so well of the many thoughts that I too have. And I couldn’t agree more with some of your latest blogs. Your thoughts on getting back to someone to confirm that you got the message and do care is one of my pet peeves as well. And your take on showing others a little more love and compassion is so true. In the population that I work with I see teens and young children every day who would answer very much the same as the young woman you work with in jail.
    I am exicted for you and the opportunities that it seems you are creating for yourself and that God is providing for you as well. I do wish you the best. And it has been too long since we have been in touch – so just want you to know that I think of you and your family often!

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