Finally. Peace.

Only because of several conversations the past few weeks, because of prayer, because of support, was I able to have a difficult, yet open conversation today, from the heart.  It went wonderfully smooth.  No need to be afraid, no need to walk in ready to go to war, no need to be someone who I am not.  I’m so thankful for the people who encouraged me to just “be me.”  Thank you.  Powerful testimony to the power of believing in yourself and trusting the process.

I had yet another conversation today, that led to me walking away with renewed energy, with a freshness, with vigor that is going to carry me through all this seeking.  What, how, WHEN will this transition happen?  NOW!!  …all in God’s time Anna, all is God’s time.

Sometimes I think, if I had “had my way,” back in January 2010, there is a great chance I would NOT be this close to walking into my lifelong dream.  Funny how some things in life work isn’t it?  I also think it’s funny, or maybe dangerous actually, how our minds can work.  How they can totally blow something out of proportion, and then the power that has on the rest of our lives.  I’ve been close to entering that room myself, maybe even been there…don’t like it.

I like THIS moment, this feeling of peace, of openness, of transparency.  It is so much better to be yourself in life than to ever try and be someone or something that you are not.


One Comment on “Finally. Peace.”

  1. Dad says:

    You state that so well, Anna. Learning to be one’s self and acting from within that frame can seldom take us down the wrong path.

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