Taking some time

I’m being so aware of soaking up every moment of my vacation.  And every moment of this gift of stillness, away from the hubbub.  I’m more aware of what’s going on inside me, more aware of what’s going on with my calling.  I woke up this morning with a new “to-do list.”  I haven’t thought of some of this stuff in weeks because I’ve beentoo busy, and now all of a sudden, it’s alive again.  Isn’t that howthe Holy Spirit works?  I’ve been still…and open…and again feel the push.  Again feel the energy and enthusiasm to follow my dreams.

I was blessed to walk with horses while visiting my mother-in-law in South Dakota.  It amazes me how open horses are, how transparent, and how honest.  I feel comfortable atop a horse, more than that…at…PEACE.  I watched my oldest child fall right in my footsteps with an emerging love for horses.  He ate up every moment, “sure I’ll scoop poop…please can I walk him…is it my turn again yet…let’s go ride horse…”  Horses are amazing.  I cannot wait for them to be my co-therapists…I can imagine it will be an incredibly humbling experience to work with such a magnificent being…

So in the midst of busy-ness, sometimes it’s important to “just be.”  And in “just being,” God’s calling can be more clearly heard…


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