My kids found two beautiful monarch caterpillars with our summer-time babysitter. I can just imagine their excitement with the find.  They carefully crafted make shift sanctuaries for them, filled with a bit of food, a twig, a viewing window, and names.  Day by day they watched for changes.  Payton’s made a cocoon soon after capture.  Logan’s escaped.  I saw this giant crawling thing by our refrigerator, cannot imagine how he crawled out, down our ledge and across the kitchen floor unnoticed.  He was returned, and his sanctuary mended.  While the kids were at grandma and grandpa’s for th week, I was sitting at the kitchen table, and at the same time, the dogs and I perked up at a strange sound in the house.  It took me a second, but then I made the connection.  Walking over to the caterpillars, I noticed a brand new monarch butterfly testing his new wings.  Amazing.  I let him go outside, and watched him just sit on our porch, not knowing that butterflies take a bit to fly following their birth.  I just watched him get the feel of his new wings, smell the air in a new way.  I wish the kids could have seen it…I did call them:)

I love the metaphor of new life, caterpillars into butterflies, a new creation.  I want to live by that, that I can be the butterfly…


One Comment on “Butterflies”

  1. wlindquist says:

    Anna, you’re off to a great start. It’s a joy to read your writing. The metaphor of the emerging monarch seems particularly apt. Best to you in your ongoing journey. We love you!

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